Friday Funnies

ObamaCare celebrates a birthday

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    Holy fucking shit. And I thought Payne couldn't get any less funny...

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    You obviously didn't get the April fools' meta joke.

  • Dept O||

    Let's crank this up to über-meta!

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Why did Dr. Frankenstein sew his monster's head on Rosie O'Donnell's body?

  • Suki||

    That was funnier than the cartoon. Good morning.

  • Chicken||

    "Why did Dr. Frankenstein sew his monster's head on Rosie O'Donnell's body?"

    To get to the other side of the road?

  • MNG||

    Holy shit that was funnier than last weeks 'emo philips driving J. Edgar Hoover." I laughed so hard milk came out my nose and I knocked my spoon out of my cereal getting milk on my keyboard.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    I had an alternate I chose not to use. See below.

  • Rather||

    Good morning my January february March April Fools

  • a penny a day keep Obama away||

    Well top of the pile to you Rather.

  • rather||

    GM stranger

  • a penny a day keep Obama away||

    Seems like months since I posted here. Spent too much time stealing the future of Wisconsin public employees. Or not.

  • Rather||

    Frank's monster looks emo with those wrist stitches

  • Fatty Bolger||

    Sharp dresser, though. Got to give him that.

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    It's probably just an optical illusion but the strikethrough on your laughter looks wavier than usual. Guess I shouldn't have had that 1929 Coca-cola with breakfast this morning

  • Lenina Huxley||

    [A]nything not good for you is bad, hence, illegal. Alcohol, caffeine, contact sports, meat, baseball, talking about baseball, Libertarians, cocaine in 1929 Coca-cola. . .

  • Doktor Kapitalism||

    Actually, I see it too, and I'm pretty certain I'm sober. Therefore, I'm voting optical illusion.

  • a penny a day keep Obama away||

    Not funny. Try this for really funny

  • rather||

    You are late to the party on that story

  • a penny a day keep Obama away||

    Don't be a Koch

  • Dept O||

    I'm just not that interested in the prospect of one of the koch brothers posing for sex.

  • Payne 2011 performance review||

    "This year Mr. Payne reached rock bottom, then he continued digging."

  • Otto||

  • ||

  • Henry's Teacher||

    Henry has great potential. He just needs to apply himself more.

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    looks like its shaping up to be a great weekend.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Chaz Bono does not look happy with his post-op get well card.

  • Cher||

    What are you incineratin?

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    2 tumzup

  • plisade||

    I thought this would be a Wisconsin joke since the good Dr.'s a cheese head...

  • Mr Whipple©®™||

    Friday Funnies Fuck-Ups.

  • Frankie||

    As someone made out reanimated human body parts, I take offense to being compared to Obamacare.

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    The funniest part is that Payne copyrights his work as if anyone would be willing to use it with or without permission.

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    Every Friday......I wake up and Rick-roll myself. Pathetic.

  • Bee Tagger||

    These Lane Bryant ads keep getting weirder and weirder.

  • ConfederalRepublicBy2030||

    I know this kind of goes beside the point of the article, but it made me think that now is as good a time as any, what with Obama's scariness - I want to know your responses to this quote, guys -

    "Of course demonizing the system is a bit silly, but there's nothing wrong with acknowledging its drawbacks. You don't have to be anti-capitalism or socialist to recognize that a system based on the philosophy of natural human greed and consumption ultimately creating balance is one that is virtually impossible to sustain in a situation with finite resources. Extreme free-market capitalism that doesn't blend controls with freedoms is even more likely to lead to this end.

    It all comes down to the fact that if people are encouraged to take as much of a resource as possible and have the notion that if they don't take it others will, things will go fairly well for a finite amount of time. Enormous problems arise on extended timescales, however."

    I'm writing an essay for economics class on attitudes and a section on why free markets kick the crap out of any control and regulation, and I'd really appreciate as detailed as possible the responses to this of true constitutionalists and libertarians.

  • ConfederalRepublicBy2030||

    Well, you know, a detailed reply, not an essay, lol. Guess I just want to know what you guys would say as a rebuttal.

    And I haven't been here long, but Payne's comics don't seem to be too funny. :(

  • James Bondage||

    "And I haven't been here long, but Payne's comics don't seem to be too funny. :("

    You catch on quickly, though.

  • (Y)||


  • Bradley||

    A system based on the philosophy of natural human greed and consumption ultimately creating balance is one that is virtually impossible to sustain in a situation with finite resources.

    Laissez faire doesn't work with finite resources? God. The whole point of economics is to address the fact that desirable resources are finite (hence scarce) and scarce resources have alternative uses. How do you choose among those uses? It turns out that markets are quite good at this, because scarcity is reflected in market prices. Compare that to something like a centralized command economy where decisions are made without the aid of millions of individual price bids, and the widely dispersed information about the relative scarcity of different inputs is lost. Any government "controls" will fall into this trap.

    His "sustainability" objection makes no sense, because any method of resource allocation is ultimately unsustainable in a finite world. Efficient use of resources (such as under a free market system) simply postpones that date of reckoning for as long as possible. In the long run we're all dead, the sun will explode, blah blah.

    If people are encouraged to take as much of a resource as possible and have the notion that if they don't take it others will, things will go fairly well for a finite amount of time. Enormous problems arise on extended timescales, however."

    Here he's describing a tragedy of the commons which is really a problem with "unowned" resources. It has nothing to do with markets per se, but is rather a product of the institutional framework they're operating under (what property can be owned? etc). If that framework doesn't provide adequate ways of allocating and defending private property, bad things happen.

    Tl;dr the person you're arguing with is ignorant.

  • ConfederalRepublicBy2030||

    The funny thing in all this is I only started researching socio-economics this year, and I had a fresh mind/slate going in, and mere common sense kind of told me that Keynesian economic principles are full of crap and totally illogical - and that's just after I read the wikipedia article on it.

    By the way, the dude I'm quoting claims to be a social democrat. At least he doesn't lie about his political allegiances. Lol.

    Any other rebuttals you guys can offer? I'll stick as many as possible into my essay.

  • James Bondage||

    So eventually the world will run out of iron ore. That's true if there are socialists or capitalists digging it up. If you remove the profit motive of the capitalist, there is no incentive to conserve the amount of iron used.

    Free-market capitalism boils down to doing things that are valued by other people. If you're manufacturing chandeliers, you'll want to produce as many as you can, minimizing costs and waste (which is a cost) at a price you think people will pay.

    I remember reading in sixth or seventh grade (Clinton administration) about the production quotas at a Soviet chandelier factory were measured by number, and they mass-produced tiny chandeliers. The central planners changed the quota to tonnage, and then this resulted in enormously heavy chandeliers that ceilings could not support. While I found some evidence with a cursory googling (,9171,840532-4,00.html), it is what you can expect when you have a system that does not clearly align someone's incentives with creating value for other people. A capitalist factory that tried to do the same would go out of business.

    Given 1000 tonnes of resources, a capitalist factory would extract as much value out of it as it can. With communism, they'd try to meet quota, which is not determined by the producer or the consumer but by a bureaucrat who does neither. It's a crapshoot. With central planning quotas, there's no incentive to maximize value or minimize costs.

    All resources are scarce; capitalism is just a better/more efficient/less wasteful way of allocating resources in the face of their scarcity. The Coase theorem states that when property rights are well-defined and transaction costs are low, a resource will move into the hands of the person who values it the most.

  • Satan Wept||


  • Almanian||


    Happy April Fool's Day, you lovable Reasonoids. Also, fuck Obama, and fuck California.

    That is all.

  • ConfederalRepublicBy2030||

    *Fuck California's governmental entities and the portions of its population that have supported the policies and edicts that have transformed it into a shithole.

    California itself used to be a great place. Let's hope the next decade or so brings it back from shit's creek. All we have to do is throw it a... high-powered motor manufactured by a small, highly professional and successful company.

  • Almanian||

    Yes, I will stipulate all this. Absolutely beautiful land fucked up by generation after generation of progressively more fucktardian fucktards.

  • ConfederalRepublicBy2030||

    Don't you just miss the days when the most radical, most unconscionable, most unbelievable proposal by executives, legislators, and jurists was slightly infringing on some tiny component of some small part of some relatively unimportant feature of one model of one obscure type of firearm, or a tiny tax increase, all the while the proposal's creator shivering in fear of censure by freedom-loving, free men?

    I do.

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    Actually, i think Balko's weekly nut punch is funnier than this.

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    LOVE this site. I can't wait until the liberals over at MSNBC try to "explain" how you are wrong. lol

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