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The NPR scandal

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  • Suki||

    Good morning reason

  • ||

    Well it's definitely Friday...

  • Name Nomad||

    Don't use That Word, lest you wake the references to the video which shall not be named.

  • Joe M||

    Fun fun fun fun...

  • King Arthur||

    What, "is?"

  • Knights Who Formerly Said Nee||

    No, no, you won't get very far not saying "is!"

  • ||


  • 35N4P2BYY||

    I did not have to try as hard as usual to be amused by this one.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    NPR doesn't know their demographics? Racist rubes don't tune in; their audience is mostly just soft racists.

  • Ice Nine||

    Seems like it would be annoying to the average racist rube, seeing that guy on the street in that T-shirt, to not know by whom he was being patronized and insulted.

  • anarch||

    I smiled.

  • Ice Nine||

    You smiled? In the absence of any apparent stimulus for this, I'm guessing perhaps a Tourette's variant of some sort.

  • Johnny [Long]torso||

    I laughed, I cried; it became a part of me.

  • db||

    It was much better than Cats

  • The Amazing Alexander||

    I'm going to see it again and again.

  • ||

    "NPR--Soothing frustrated socialists for forty years"

  • ||

    National Proletarian Radio or, when they get stuck in Middle East-all-the-time mode, National Palestinian Radio.

  • ArghParty2000||

    Every week. Every frackin' week I click that link thinking, "Maybe it will be good this time." And every week, it isn't. Eternal optimist? Idiot? See you next week.

  • kbolino||

    Were these ever funny?

  • Christian Louboutin sales||

    You smiled? In the absence of any apparent stimulus for this

  • Bee Tagger||

    Oh, I get it. Granny glasses to appeal to the cultural elites and a goatee to appeal to the racist rubes. This comic perfectly captures the brutal internal struggle within man through the lens of public radio.

  • Almanian||

    We are ALL racisit rubes now...

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    I think that's supposed to be Michael Savage.

  • Almanian||

    I, in addition, also lack typing skills

  • Colonel_Angus||

    This is stupid.

  • ||

    I smiled too. Mostly because at first glance I thought the microphone was a chainsaw...

  • Gusta||

    y u no like racist rubes?

  • Entitled Slacker||

    I think I click on these out of some perverse obligation. Kinda like visiting grandma in the Alzheimer's unit. I know it's gonna be pointless but...

  • Cliché Bandit||

    checkboxes man...can't leave an H&R post go unclicked...
    clik in, click out, quit fuck'n about, ya ho ya ho ya ho!

    Name the origin of that and we need to go drinking together

  • Bucky||

    a locker room ballad...

  • ||

    wasn't officially a scandal until the limp-wristed liberal needlessly resigned.

    I've been saying the republicans could get rid of every democrat in congress by having someone secretly film them while asking "do you like republicans?" if they answer yes they will look bad to the party and will quickly resign; if they answer no they will look "intolerant" and "biased" and will quickly resign. Don't release the videos before you've recorded every democrat giving his or her answer, and then release them all at once. It would be the voluntary end of the democratic party.

  • ||

    Good point, no crime or scandal was there. They are pretty weak, they should have told scumbag O'Keefe and his Breitbart handler to shove it!

  • Bucky||

    no crime, no
    no scandal, no Linsey
    jew hating, well...

  • Ventifact||


    I've been saying [...]


    You make a good (if satirically exaggerated) point regarding Democratic congressmen. But extending that point to an NPR exec presumes NPR execs are similarly partisan. Maybe that's true, maybe it ain't, but the whole scandal exists because NPR doesn't want to let itself be designated a partisan entity.

    If the "limp-wristed" NPR exec in question had not resigned, but had stood by his words, it would have been a confirmation of several big allegations NPR has been working to repudiate. With the guy's resignation, the narrative can be that he said some stupid stuff to please rich people, not that he has formulated the official stance of NPR.

    Now, only some people will find that narrative credible. It'll be an interesting story to follow...

  • ||

    'Brainwashing a nation..'

  • mbtshoesbest||

    great posting. I like to read it.

  • Average Pol. Cartoon Reader||

    I don't get it. It needs more labels. Like what's that black thingamabob the guy is opening his mouth in front of? Is it a microphone, a pill, a dildo? Make it easier for my mashed potato brain to comprehend.

  • ||

    What a bunch of low class stupid whiners the right has become. They talk trash about liberals all the time but cry like little girls when someone calls them for what they are, stupid low brow bigots. BTW, if you listened to the whole tape you would realize that the scumbag O'Keefe edited and twisted the words all around, Still where is the scandal? Teabaggers are stupid clowns, truth hurts I guess

  • mooseknuckle||

    Useless idiot.

  • Bucky||

    low class stupid whiners...
    talk trash...cry like little girls...
    stupid (original) low brow (isn't this similar) bigots...
    scumbag... stupid (very original) clowns
    amazing, all of hate you spewed out just over a political cartoon? better not read this site your eyes will bleed...

  • Josh||

    "Education a nation of racist rubes for 40 years" - this is cool...

  • Husil Romli||

    This guy looks more like he's settling down for a bout of WOW - he's got his 2 liter (or bottle of lube) ready to go. Reading off the nights raid itinerary. So what if his schtick is a wacky self-deprecating NPR host. Who wouldn't want to go PVP with a toungue-in-cheek Ira Glass? Or perhaps for all the tweens he could ask painstakingly obvious questions about current quest events like a Raffi - Peter Sagal hybrid.

  • sophie||

    Last quote heard from Toni’s dad after abruptly leaving for good upon hearing that his wife was pregnant with their one and only child.

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  • ||


    "I've been saying the republicans could get rid of every democrat in congress by having someone secretly film them while asking "do you like republicans?" if they answer yes they will look bad to the party and will quickly resign; if they answer no they will look "intolerant" and "biased" and will quickly resign. Don't release the videos before you've recorded every democrat giving his or her answer, and then release them all at once. It would be the voluntary end of the democratic party"

    That is soo funny lol. Its great in theory but it would never happen. NONE of those people have a single ounce of shame or love for the American people. I think it would take a lot more than that

  • nike shox||

    is good

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  • Peanut Machine||

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