30 Years Ago

“Will the U.S. return to a gold standard? To answer yes to that question would have seemed fanciful a few years ago. It doesn’t anymore.”

—Robert Poole Jr. and Christine Dorffi, “Gold Standard Prospects”

“Not that they actually call it socialism anymore—that reminds people too much of politburos, Afghanistans, Cuban mercenaries, and Soviet tanks.…Instead, the more subtle leftists now refer to themselves as progressives; they engage in community organizing, not class struggle; and it isn’t socialism they’re striving for—it’s ‘economic democracy.’”

—Paul Ciotti, “Socialism…on the Street Where You Live”

“Portions of the phone industry—long distance service and terminal equipment—are being deregulated. And even the local service monopoly is under fire. New technology promises a vast array of new products and services, marrying phones with computers, television, copiers and other devices.”

— William J. Bahr, “Dial ‘D’ For Deregulation” 

                                                                                                  —April 1981

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