Friday Funnies

Merry Christmas!

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  • Suki||

    Happy Friday and good morning reason!

    The "funny" not the best.

  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Snow in Nevada. Finally, a cartoon about Global Warming.

  • Ummm||

  • Bee Tagger||

    Snow in Nevada. Finally, a cartoon about Climate Change.

  • a penny a day keep obama away||

    Not really , ah, funny.

  • Assly||

    Is that Obama that Reid is leaning on?

  • Nancy Pelosi||

    Are you serious?

  • Harry Reid||

    That never gets old!

  • Suki||

    How is that new driver working out, Miss Nancy?

  • Nancy Pelosi||

    What really bugs me is that I'm losing my plane. Waaaahhhhhh!!!!

  • El Duderino||

    I am serious and don't call me Shirley.

  • SF||

    Merry Christmas!!! Yes, I've said Christmas!!! And that's exactly what I mean!!!

  • Maulana Karenga ||

    And a Happy Kwanzaa, to you.

  • Bucky||

    have a Ramahanakwanzmas,
    its the p.c. thing to do...

  • Mr. FIFY||

    It's Festivus around my domicile.

  • Hugh Akston||

    Happy non-denominational, multicultural, holiday season to you!!

  • ||

    Based on the direction the snow is falling (to the right) and the way Tiny Tim's scarf is blowing (to the left), this Friday Funny is full of fail.

  • Mr Whipple||

    That's not snow. That's Bernanke pissing on him from the roof.

  • ||

    Can't you see? The angle of the scarf indicates a sharp gust. The snow is caught in a swirl spiraling to the left and up.

  • ||

    Dude. The more you encourage him the longer we have to see these monstrosities he passes off as political humor.

  • Jen||


  • Yup||

    Ahhhh, Friday morning where the first thing everyone does is complain about Reason's cartoons.

  • Bucky||

    how about Obama as Santa with Pelosi and Reid as elves standing next to the big man's chair. Santa has a little Boehner on his lap, asking for a job for his daddy. Obama Santa asks him if he would take a gay military action hero instead?

  • ||

    Not bad, but how about: Peter King as Santa with Obama, Holder and Boehner dressed as elves working a TSA-style checkpoint filled with kids waiting to sit on Santa's lap. There'd be a (9-year old) kid in the full-body scanner and a perv looking at the image on a screen. In the corner, you have an "opt-out line" with crying kids in it. At the end of the line the kids can see Janet Napolitano with her hands down the pants of a little girl (or boy) holding a teddy bear.

    And as the coup de grace you could have a door open behind Santa with bad dudes coming out it with guns. Arab dress optional but it would add a sense of realism.

    Huh? Huh? Whaddayathink? I wish I could draw, but if I drew this I'm afraid the party van would be out front of my place within minutes.

  • Fatty Bolger||

    Proof that humor is more difficult than it looks.

    I'd hate to have to think of a funny cartoon every day. No wonder the greats get burned out.

  • Suki||

    Does he have the butt of a pistol sticking out from his belt?

  • matt||

    With good reason! This one is just about as bad as ever. An unfunny, poorly drawn cartoon seeking to stoke partisan anger on the one day we should all be celebrating together.

  • ||

    Last Friday's was funnier.


  • ||

    I don't get it.

  • -||

    It makes sense when you view it with the special glasses.

  • Mr Whipple||

    ...and the decoder ring.

  • Suki||

    Mark up the parts you don't get with a black highlighter and it might make more sense.

  • yonemoto||


  • Suki||


  • El Duderino||

    well, you see, Harry Reid is just slightly more the severely retarded and this here is an effort to illustrate that through the medium of political cartoon.

  • Ziggy||

    I'm too short

  • El Duderino||

    Thats what she said...

  • Bad Episiarch||

    Enjoy your subservience, dipshits.

  • yonemoto||


  • Trespassers W||

    I kind of liked it.

    Merry Xmas, bitches!

  • Almanian||

    Merry Christmas, Reason!

  • ||

    Could someone please tell me how much I have to drink for Friday Funnies to be fucking funny.

    Merry Christmas

  • ||

    Alcohol poisoning isn't going to help anyone.

  • El Duderino||

    Try pot. I laugh at everything when I smoke pot. . . Sure it makes you somewhat forgetful and

  • ||

    So is that old meanie Reid mad that the poor millionaire Tiny Tim is getting his tax cuts? I don't get it. is funded by the plutocracy, by the way:
    Sciafe, Koch, Olin, B and America, oil companies, etc.

  • El Duderino|| is funded by the plutocracy, by the way:
    Sciafe, Koch, Olin, B and America, oil companies, etc.

    I fail to see how this might make anything they say less true. Did you find something untruthful in a Reason article? If so please feel free to point it out. Truth etched in gold is as true as truth etched in wood.

  • ||


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