Friday Funnies

Pelosi holds on to the reins

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  • ||

    When is the Friday Funny going to be posted?

  • Jerry||

    Good morning, heller.

  • Joe M||

    Hey, I know everyone wants this to be threadjacked, so here's a piece of news that is, well, completely unsurprising:

    Phusion Projects, makers of Four Loko, facing lawsuit after death of Florida State student

    Yeah, it's like that.

  • Drax the Destroyer||

    So ... wait. Does this mean that the next time I run over some tranny hookers with my hummer while wasted I can blame Anheuser Busch and General Motors?

  • ||

    You bet. Give me a call.

  • yojimbo||

    Of course Phusion Projects is to blame. C'mon, that kid can't be held responsible for his own actions. According to the feds you are not an adult until you are 26 so he was still a child and someone needs to pay.

  • Mensan||

    Each 23.5 ounce can of Four Loko has approximately 2.82 ounces of alcohol and about 156 milligrams of caffeine, and is the alcohol equivalent of approximately 18 light beers and 6 cups of coffee, ABC News reported.

    Math (and/or honesty) obviously isn't ABC News' strong point. 2.82 oz of alcohol is equal to about 5.5 light beers, and 156 mg of caffeine is equal to about 1 cup of coffee.

  • Federal Dog||

    The democrats should consider selecting a non-mummy as leader.

  • Woodrow Hyacinth-Smith||

  • blarger||

    What is the Marmaduke test?

  • Zeke Hyle||

    When Marmaduke is funnier than the Friday "Funnies".

  • Almanian||

    So Marmaduke Test = "every day"

  • cynical||

    No, only on Fridays.

  • TheOtherSomeGuy||

    Best Friday Funny I've seen in two months. Good work.

  • Zeke Hyle||

    That's not saying a god-damned thing.

  • Drax the Destroyer||

    What the fuck is this shit? Pelosi is nowhere near THAT attractive. Unless she is supposed to be the dead horse. In that case, this almost makes sense.

  • Drax the Destroyer||

    Yes...equating that hag Pelosi to a dead horse means I actually want to have sex with her ... because she is so hideous, I could mistake her for an dead, perforated, rotting animal that is not compatible with a human being sexually. Riiiiggggghhhhhhtttt.

    Besides, whatever Draxing actually is, it is way more disgusting and degrading then mere Zoophilia.

  • Joe M||

  • ||

    Pelosi in high school.

    Looks 'shopped to me.

  • Patriot Mike||

    No, Matthew Brady could make anyone look good.

  • Drax the Destroyer||

    Truth be told, she doesn't look bad for her age, but when I equate her to a hag, I am actually talking about the disgusting monster she is on the inside more than anything else. In the end, I think her status as a career politician who leads career politicians makes her look much worse than she actually is in my eyes. Oh well... BURN THE WITCH!!!!!!


    Thems some seriuos pointy hooters you got there ma'am

  • O The Bama||

    if she would just give me one I'd have two.

  • Mensan||

    0 + 1 = 2

  • Mo||

    This comic comparing the Republicans to Indians and Nancy Pelosi to a brave American general proves that Payne hates America.

  • Wind Rider||

    Nah. Just the segment that clicked on the link to this drawing.

  • Almanian||

    Custer had better hair than that helmet Pelosi wears.

    Of course, he was killed in a massacre due to making horrible strategic and tactical errors....wait, so was she, so in fact, this is THE BEST FRIDAY FUNNY EVER!!!


  • Fatty Bolger||

    Sounds like something Zapp Brannigan would say.

    Zapp Brannigan: The Killbots? A trifle! It was simply a matter of outsmarting them.

    Fry: Wow! I never would have thought of that!

    Zapp Brannigan: You see, Killbots have a preset kill limit. Knowing their weakness, I sent wave after wave of my own men at them, until they reached their limit and shutdown. Kif, show them the medal I won.

    (Kif points to Zapp's chest where the medal is)

  • Max||

    Libertarian, like their close cousins, Stalinists, never make fun of themselves.

  • Max||

    I meant Stalinists are like MY close cousins.

  • George V||

    Max, you take yourself way too seriously.

  • cynical||

    We can't help that the terrible political cartoonists featured here every week aren't libertarians.

  • ||

    That "artwork" looks suspiciously like the aftermath of a Spaghettios and Four Loko binge.

  • ||

    Uh oh, time to ban Spaghettios...

  • ||


  • Fist of Etiquette||

    That poor horse.

  • Derp||

    These are usually pretty lame, but this one is alright.
    Political cartoons always seem way to forced for me anyway.

  • ||

    Shoulda made that horse a unicorn.

  • ||

    This one works. I agree with the unicorn suggestion.

  • Lexicon||

    Is Pelosi the one *in* the saddle, or the one *wearing* the saddle?

  • Wind Rider||

    Well if that doesn't make ya wanna scream "Palomino". . .

  • Cuddly Soft Balls of Death||

    Dammit. I misread the teaser as "last installment...". I am the disappoint.

  • ||

    She does look that squirrel-shit insane.

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    is good

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