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Obama's auto bailout task force

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  • Ed||


  • BakedPenguin||

    Here's my alternative.

  • ||

    At least there isn't a Stimulus Pig thrown in for good measure. C

  • ||

    BakedPenguin keeps getting better. I'm pretty sure that already makes him the greatest working political cartoonist on Earth.

    Now do you have a version where the pink rifle is gunning down a chimp? "I guess they'll have to find someone else to ban our gunz."

  • kilroy||

    Sorry. Both of these kinda sucked, IMO.

  • ||

    Here you go kilroy. Enjoy.

  • ||

    You should really bring in the WHite Ninja, its like the funniest comic of ALL time!

  • ||

    Not horrible.

    Anything which has to do with the auto bailout should involve inflicting extreme physical pain and suffering on Rick Wagoner, though.

    GM should raise money by selling shareholders the opportunity to hit Wagoner with a claw hammer at ten bucks a whack.

  • ||

    BP wins again, in my opinion.

  • la fascitis necrotizante ||

    uh... today's "white ninja" per anonymity troll's request

  • ||

    Why? Dear god, why?

  • Untermensch||

    FrBunny, you have cured me of complaining about Friday Funnies forever. Compared to the best Maramduke even the worst Payne or Bok is pure, 24K comic genius.

  • ||

    Payne brings the pain this week. We're dangerously close to Family Circus levels of unfunny/incoherent here.

    Still better than a Chapman column.

  • ||

    Marmaduke caption: "Who gave Marmaduke __________?!?"

    I kid you not, I saw this blank filled with "a whistle", "bubble gum", and "my glasses" within a 6-month period. You can picture the hilarity.

  • ||

    Marmaduke Explained

    Marmaduke is doing a blind taste test. Marmaduke's owner-family refuses to buy him dog food that isn't made from vomit, which finally explains to me exactly why he's such an asshole.

  • ||

    crap, cut off the other one...

    Marmaduke is forcibly dry-humping his owner-man. Marmaduke's attention-starved owner-lady blathers something about eating some weird kind of pie, but Marmaduke's perturbed/sassy glance towards the reader indicates that he cares infinitely less about her eating habits than about dry-humping.

  • a name before submitting the f||

    Why don't you hotlink your thumbnail like everyone else!?

  • ||

    he cares infinitely less about her eating habits than about dry-humping.

    I think that's true for most of us.

  • Taktix&#174||


  • ||

    I think the insistence on the part of politicians that we all use mass transit is explained partly, if not wholly, by the fact that they are all frotteurs. They want us all to serve as a potential victims for their dry-humping.

  • la fascitis necrotizante||

    Sugarfree, to back up your thesis:

    I work in a government office with a coworker who's very big on mass transit and New Urbanism. Very early in my tenure here he came up to my cubicle and told me that he was out in the hall (public building, lots of civilians) and "had to walk past this black chick with huge titties and I totally brushed against her titties, heh heh heh. Awesome."

  • ||

    You know he dreams about the gentle rocking of the train that tap tap taps his swollen glans on the shapely hip of the girl on the strap in front of him.

    New Urbanism housing density also affords many more opportunities for peeping toms of the I-have-a-telescope-in-my-apartment variety.

  • robc||

    Since we are posted unrelated comics, the most recent Order of the Stick

    Sure it makes no sense out of context, but deal.

  • ||

    Who gave Markaduke...
    a collateralized debt obligation
    a cabinet appointment
    a stimulus package

  • ||

    Dude, that wasn't bad. I intend to share it

  • Other Matt||

    Um, actually, I kind of think this one is pretty good.

  • tizzy||


  • Chip Bok||

    Where is President Obama's bailout for suffering editorial cartoonists?

    I haven't garnered a positive comment on these forums since the late 1990's! :-p

  • ||

    Heartless bastards, all of them! ;)

  • ||

    I was late getting in on the "Dilbert" thread the other day, so I repeat here my proclamation that Agnes is my personal heroine.


  • ||

    Chip Bok-

    Your reassignment from doodling political cartoons to manufacturing slick, stylized, yet vaguely homoerotic posters promoting government indoctrination programs is in the mail.

    Watch for the envelope from the Ministry of Aesthetics.

  • Scarpe Nike||

    is good

  • caibutou||



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