35 Years Ago in Reason

March 1973

“Every reader of detective fiction knows that private insurance detectives are far more efficient than the police in recovering stolen property.”
—Murray N. Rothbard, “Free Market Police, Courts, and Law”

“Spooner’s analyses are as pertinent today as when written. He would not accept government for what it claimed to be. He analyzed government from its own legal framework, and saw that it was nothing but usurpation. He blazed a trail which others had started before him, and which libertarians today are still on. Governments must be killed by ideas, not by force.”
—Carl Watner, “Lysander Spooner: Libertarian Pioneer”

“Over two months ago, President Marcos proclaimed martial law, really the absence of law, and when asked for his assessment of the ‘new society,’ he replied, ‘We have crossed the hump on the first problem of peace and order, and we are maintaining prices, which is the second problem. We are now on the third problem, which is land reform.’”
—Larry Nelson, “Foreign Correspondent: Manila”

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