Artifact: Everything Is Not Illuminated

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Say hello to the Prophet Muhammad, seen here in a variety of illuminated Persian and Central Asian manuscripts made between the 7th and 16th centuries. These and other Islamic works showing the Prophet’s face appeared at soon after a set of Muhammad cartoons in a Danish newspaper prompted Muslims around the world to riot. The collection raised questions about how serious the prohibition against depicting Muhammad is.

The key, says Florida State University art historian Cynthia Hahn, is in the context. “Almost all these images are from manuscripts,” says Hahn. “That’s a very private, elite, expensive medium, which the average guy would never see. Part of the reaction to the cartoons was that they were in a newspaper, which is such a public forum.”

The public nature of the imagery made it doubly frustrating for rioters whose violence produced an editorial reaction: Cartoons that originally appeared in one paper in a tiny country eventually showed up in publications and Web sites all over the world. This irony has a precedent —though at other times it’s been believers, not skeptics, who skirted the rules. “You see the same thing in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic art, all of which technically forbid images,” says Hahn. “Theologians condemn it and condemn it, but people want it so strongly that they find a way around that.”

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    The above illustration were done by official "Illuminators", I would think. Am I mistaken? In Islam there has long been a practice of artwork only being allowed by a very small group of sanctioned artists.

    I'm not saying I agree with this practice. It is not my religion or culture. What I am saying is that it might be off the mark to argue that since these images exist, it is unreasonable to support the religious argument that no one is depict Mohammed. In Islam there have always been very strong feelings about representing any of God's creation in man-made imagery. And, so, there was an established culture of having a very select, particularly trained, group of artists, who were allowed to illuminate based on established norms. For instance, a horse always had to be drawn the same way. It was very controversial when an artist would depict something differently.

    Given that, it does fit with their history to find it blasphemous that anyone else would depict Mohammed.

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