"To be blunt about it, the tobacco industry has murdered millions of people. Morally, it is just as guilty as Adolf Hitler."

—Syndicated columnist Molly Ivins

"To even think that you could approach sociological issues--such as how to take the good life and spread it to the rest of the world--by analyzing individuals is ridiculous."

—Syracuse University sociologist Allen Mazur, quoted in Newsweek

"Whenever I read a piece in a magazine making a libertarian argument on a social issue, I'm always sure of one thing: The author has no daughters....Personal freedom is a fine thing, but not for those who have any contact whatsoever with my two personal hostages to fortune."

—Blake Hurst, in the July/August issue of The American Enterprise

"When it comes to technology issues, governments' goals are not the same as the goals for business. Government wants to create jobs and exports--business wants to cut its costs and stay flexible and competitive. You can't let governments make these decisions."

—Former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Reed Hundt, speaking to a June technology conference in Singapore

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