Not Everyone Has Enlisted

Regarding Dale Gieringer's article, "Inside the dea" (Dec.), it's nice to hear some truth once in a while. And by the way, vis-a-vis the comparison of alcohol and cocaine, a neuropathic drug by any other name is still a neuropathic drug, in powder form, liquid form, or vapor form.

Cyrus J. Stow, DDS

Conyers, GA

Are You Guys on Drugs, Or What?

Is Dale Gieringer simply stupid, sick, or trying to improve drug pushers' image? His contention that no individual rights are abridged, no murder victims or battered bodies to be found, and no stolen property or crime victims arising from drug-law violations is a gross misrepresentation of the truth. All along the way, the paths of drug producers and pushers are strewn with victims of all sorts, not limited to the above. There are also those who are deprived of healthy, meaningful, productive lives by their reason-sapping, debilitating, dehumanizing drug habit.

Perhaps the point about DEA misdeeds is well taken and needs to be dealt with, but the dea story is otherwise beyond Reason. Sensationalism must be tempered with truth, a quality lacking here.

John A. Tabor

Winchester, KY

Down on the Drug Farm

I have the perfect solution to the "drug epidemic." Since the law of supply and demand has completely swamped the Drug Enforcement Administration, we should turn the problem over to the Department of Agriculture. With Agriculture in charge of production and distribution, drug prices would drop, producers would go out of business in droves, and the majority of the country's drug supply would end up in government storage. In fact, with the addition of a few billions in subsidies, the U.S. could actually become a drug exporting country.

Les B laser

Dallas, TX

Ascetics No Skeptics of Socialism's Dialectics

I enjoyed Robert Hessen's critique of socialism ("Socialism: Reports of Its Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated," Dec.), but he overlooked one thing. While many socialist sympathizers, like Jane Fonda, live high on the hog, the most dogmatic and fanatical socialists are not interested in money and live in self-imposed poverty, like Marx and Mao. They think that asceticism is noble and virtuous, otherwise they wouldn't practice it. And believing that it is virtuous, they want everyone to live the same way.

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