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Canadian PM Reminds President Obama He Owes Him Two Cases of Beer

It didn't take long for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to remind President Barack Obama that the U.S. President now owes Canada two cases of beer, following the loss of the U.S. men's hockey team at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

About 15 minutes minutes after his country's team bested the U.S. on the ice, the Prime Minister claimed his prize on Twitter.

Source: CNN. Read full article. (link)

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  • croaker||

    I say send him two cases of Lone Star Beer, the only beer that's sold pre-skunked.

  • Pelosi's Rabbit||

    Stella Artois.

  • ||

    I can totally see Obama squelch on the bet.

  • NotAnotherSkippy||

    Mmmm mmmm Bud. Wait, that's Belgian now, isn't it? Maybe some of that hoppy Sam Adams crap...

  • LynchPin1477||

    Does anything actually think Obama has good taste in beer?

  • iEagleHammer||

    I'm sure he probably prefers wine, very expensive wine. He probably has a 15 person entourage to find wine for him and buy it with taxpayer money... just like his wife. Except isn't her entourage like 27 people?

    High royal highness the president, truly.

  • SweatingGin||

    The speed of that is a reminder of how expensive beer is in Canada.

  • Bardas Phocas||

    This aggression will not stand.

  • XM||

    Send him two cases of American beer,, but tell them it was made in Germany.

  • karonkaron620||

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  • Wizard4169||

    Unless you go for the very lowest common denominator, it's bound to be an improvement. Most of the Canuckians I know are lovely people, but the things they do to alcohol should be illegal.