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Parent Files Bullying Complaint Against Coaching Staff After 91-0 Win in Texas High School Football

There was little chance of defeat, when Aledo’s undefeated Bearcats faced Fort Worth’s Western Hills on the football field Friday.

The final score, 91-0, though, led one parent to file an official complaint of bullying against the entire coaching staff.

Aledo ISD administrators say the complaint suggests the coaches should have told players to take it easy on the competition. “I would never ask our kids not to play hard,” said Aledo football coach Tim Buchanan. “I would never tell them, ‘Go out and let them score’. That’s not what you want to teach kids.”

Source: CBS Dallas. Read full article. (link)

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  • Killazontherun||


    That story lightens my day and makes me wanna go out there and exploit some candyass motherfuckers.

  • Steve G||

    when the War on Bullying collides with fanatical HS football in TX. Beautiful. Just give the losers a trophy...

  • John C. Randolph||

    I hope that whoever that complaint was addressed to responds with "fuck you, you sniveling little pussy" or words to that effect.


  • Tamfang||