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At Least 34 Dead in Egypt Clashes

Clashes erupted across much of Egypt between security forces and supporters of the ousted president on Sunday, leaving 28 killed, as rival crowds of supporters of the military and backers of the Islamist Mohammed Morsi poured into streets around the country to mark a major holiday.

The clashes took place on the day 40 years ago when Egyptian forces crossed the Suez Canal at the start of the nation’s last war with Israel. The day has since been declared a national holiday. The military-backed government had wanted the anniversary celebration to be a tribute to the armed forces, whose chief ousted the Islamist Mohammed Morsi in a popularly supported coup on July 3.

Source: Globe and Mail. Read full article. (link)

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  • JBinMO||

    Actually this sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a holiday commemorating a war.

  • Ketogenic Paleo||

    It's obvious you don't know anything about Egypt or Israel or islamofascism.
    The Muslim Brotherhood killed the only Egyptian leader/dictator that cared enough about Egypt to sign a peace treaty with Israel instead of following strict Sharia Law. That last war was literally a war to end all wars for the Egyptians, and the Muslim Brotherhood whom were once considered terrorists, would have willingly risked the destruction of the Egyptian military and invasion of Egyptian lands if it meant they could further their Islamist agenda. Just like what happened in 1967.

    Go read Nonie Darwish's first published book, Now They Call Me Infidel if you really want to know what's going on.
    I read many books and that one book contained so much info about Egypt, Islamic fundamentalism, living in a third world country, living in a disfunctional socialist-wannabe country, etc. The dollar:interest and page:interest ratio is superb.
    Also her second book on Sharia Law is good if you like to geek out on those things.

    Also, before someone mentions palestine: