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Georgia City Limits Residents to Three Dogs

Owning a plethora of pooches has been banned in the city of Statham.

The Statham City Council passed an ordinance Tuesday limiting homeowners to three dogs.

Anyone with four or more dogs inside the city limits will now be considered a kennel and must comply to regulation and inspections by code enforcement officers, according to the ordinance.

“Anyone who presently has more than three dogs may keep them, but they may not replace them,” said City of Statham Mayor Robert Bridges.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Read full article. (link)

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  • RightNut||

    This is news? Most towns in my area have an ordinance almost exactly the same as this for some time. Slow news day guys?

  • Shmurphy||

    Makes perfect sense. I mean come on guys, cops only have so much ammo, they can only shoot so many dogs. Please, think of the cops.

  • Sud1||

    "If your front porch collapses and 5 hound dogs die...... you might be a redneck"

    Jeff Foxworthy