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First Virgin Galactic Flight Expected This Year

We haven’t heard much out of Richard Branson’s intergalactic airline for a while, but apparently we should soon see some actual, edge-of-space Virgin Galactic commercial flights, with paying punters and all.

Not that you or I are likely to be able to afford a trip to the edge of space, but hell, it’s good to see. One day this might make it cheap enough, and common enough that we’ll all be flying to orbital space stations. A hotel in space would have one hell of a view, that’s for sure.

Source: Gizmodo. Read full article. (link)

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  • SharePointCharlie||

    Branson reminds me of D.D. Harriman (The Man Who Sold the Moon, Requiem). We will only conquer space when private industry decides that it pays to do so and Branson is on the cutting edge of that.