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Switzerland Has Best Country Brand

Consider it the Apple of the world.

Switzerland tops the list as the best country brand globally, according to the Country Brand Index, out today from global brand consultancy FutureBrand. As a symbol of economic, cultural and social stability in our tumultuous world, Switzerland “shows that the cultivation of freedom, tolerance, transparency and environmentalism can put a country’s brand ahead—even in difficult economic times,” says FutureBrand Global Chairman Chris Nurko. “On a human level, Switzerland is also a country geared around its people and their needs.” As a result, the country supplanted two-time leader Canada by scoring high marks in CBI’s Value System dimension, including impressive scores it the political freedom, environmental friendliness and stable legal environment attributes.

Source: Forbes. Read full article. (link)

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  • Calvin Coolidge||

    Well branded as the country of Neutrality, Chocolate, Watches, Cheese, and Knives.

    Good thing about the Neutrality, too, because by the time you found something sharp in that Swiss Army Knife, you would have already been impaled on a bayonet - if we still used them.

  • FD||

    Yeah, sounds like an environment of bloody hell over there.