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New Rules for Afghan Troops: Don't Retaliate for Offenses

The booklet is intended to bridge the divide cultural divide between local forces and Nato troops and avoid the misunderstandings that have sometimes ended in violence, the Washington Post reported.

It warns Afghan soldiers that their international allies may blow their noses in public or "show their excitement by patting one another on the back or the behind", both taboos in Afghan culture.

Source: The Telegraph. Read full article. (link)

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  • BarryD||

    Too bad nobody there can read the booklet.

  • thinksubstance||

    Why doesn't the booklet state that any false move and their heads will be blown off. Either let our soldiers fight or bring them home.

  • Rich||

    I googled around a bit for the actual pamphlet, without success. If anybody finds it, please post a link.

    Anyway, I assure you that "green on blue" attacks are not about blowing one's nose in public.