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Bill Keller Talks the Future of Criminal Justice Journalism


Originally posted January 9, 2015 with original text below:

"Anyone who tells you [they know] what the future of journalism is is blowing smoke," says Bill Keller, the Editor-in-Chief of the new journalistic venture devoted to criminal justice reform, The Marshall Project.

Keller, formerly of the New York Times where over the years he worked as a foreign correspondent, columnist, and Executive Editor, left the Times in early 2014 to head the non-profit news organization that seeks to bring attention to the nation's broken criminal justice system.

In an interview at The Marshall Project's New York offices, Keller spoke with Reason TV's Nick Gillespie about the value of bringing vital information to the public that many news organizations won't cover, his 2013 online debate with Glenn Greenwald on journalism, and why he left his comfortable perch at the Times to run a tenuously-funded startup.