Striking European Taxi Drivers Should Have Known: Letting Your Customers Even Know Uber Exists is Bad for You


Anyone lucky enough to live in a city where e-hailing smartphone apps like Uber or Lyft exist should be aware that they are really great and largely obviate the need to use taxis in any situations besides street hails in busy urban areas where an empty taxi is driving by every 45 seconds.

So arrogant European taxi drivers who decided they wanted to just mess up the use of the public streets for an entire city because they don't like competition should have guessed something like this would happen: as Techdirt reports, the publicity surrounding their planned day-ruining strike:

appears to have completely backfired on the strikers, with Uber signups in London jumping an astounding 850%. Basically, the "protests" have pissed off people at cab drivers and made them more aware of Uber….Uber had been hovering around the 100th most popular app in the UK over the past few weeks, but it has suddenly jumped to number 3.

Reason on Uber and Lyft and their many regulatory difficulties in these here United States of Cartels.