Tenn. Town's Super High-Speed Internet Fails to Attract Commerce

Only one business pays for the costly service


Tullahoma's mayor admits the city hasn't done a good job attracting customers to its high-priced Internet service.

City officials introduced the Gigabit Internet earlier this year, making Tullahoma, with 18,000 residents, one of the smallest cities in the nation to offer a service that runs 150 times faster than the average.

Thus far, only one business pays for the service, and it forks over $300 a month, city officials previously told Tennessee Watchdog. A Tullahoma News story last week reported that's still the case.

"That is the one area that we really need to do a better job at, no question about it," Mayor Lane Curlee told Tennessee Watchdog Thursday.

"But as far as attracting new business, we really have got to do a better job. We have got to put together a better plan and let people know the benefits of that high-speed Internet."