L.A. Blunting the One Advantage Woody Allen Ever Admitted it Having Over New York


The L.A. Times reports, in marvelously bureacrato-centric fashion:

As Los Angeles City Hall has struggled against a sea of red ink, one financial bright spot through the long recession has been the Police Department's red-light camera program, which has seen a sharp rise in revenue, according to court data obtained by The Times.

From late 20

Not gratuitous at all

07 to late 2009, monthly revenue from cameras, now operating at 32 city intersections, has nearly doubled from about $200,000 per month to about $400,000, according to estimates prepared by the Los Angeles County Superior Court, which processes ticket payments. […]

Last year, the city more than doubled the amount charged for most of its red-light camera tickets.

The change, based on a legal recommendation from the city attorney, affects thousands of motorists each year who make rolling right turns against red lights -- known as "California stops." According to Los Angeles Police Department estimates provided to The Times last year, about eight in 10 photo tickets were issued for right turns, which some experts say are less likely to result in serious accidents.

Right-turn California stops at empty intersections can now cost you $381, of which the city pockets $150.

Link via LA Observed. Reason on red-light cameras here.