Reason Writers Around Town: Tim Cavanaugh In LA Weekly On Hollywood Stimulus


Obama goes to Hollywood: How are stimulus funds working out in Los Angeles?

Put on your shades, put the top down, crank up the ranchera tunes, and cruise around Hollywood (the actual neighborhood, not the symbolic movie industry) in search of your tax dollars. In the LA Weekly, Tim Cavanaugh writes, "Hollywood has received $23,338,327 in grants, loans and contracting. This money has created just 20.57 jobs. That's $1,134,580.80 per job. And as interviews with recipients reveal, even that tiny jobs claim is clearly false, with many of the claims of newly created positions either impossible to verify or lower than reported." In Los Angeles as in most other places, the bulk of stimuls funds are going to maintain cash-strapped public agencies and to fund prior commitments, not to save or create jobs.

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