Ron Paul, Off His Game?


A libertarian blogger over at "No Treason" thinks that when Ron Paul is delivered golden p.r. opps like getting to question national monetary and economic policy punching bag/Treasury Sec'y Timothy Geithner, he's blowing it:

Another rambling, indirect, wasteful performance today by Ron Paul.  He gets 5 minutes to question Geithner, and should have asked him about his comments to the CFR regarding the dollar, or any of the hundred other pressing issues of the day, but instead he has another ad lib ramble about innocent until proven guilty, which Geithner easily evades without saying anything meaningful.

…..We can all get all of the Ron Paul opinion time we want on the 'net.  He has published books, he has his Texas Straight talk, he gives speeches on the house floor, he's on TV a couple times a week.

But when he gets a few minutes to challenge those in power, he turns into an ideologue and a wallflower and it's immensely frustrating….Because Ron chooses not to properly prepare and goes off on esoteric tangents…the clever bureaucrats play dumb and can avoid answering him.  Ron is not speaking to a friendly audience where he can deliver the same lines and stories over and over, but he's there as an investigator and an interrogator.

Matt Welch blogged on this Ron Paul performance earlier this week, with link to the clip.