Sustainable Kidnapping

Friday fun link embedded video:

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    The one in the green mask sounds familiar.

  • Live Free or Diet||

    Yeah, to me... Wait, what?

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    Yep, that's pretty much taxation circa 2014.

  • Steve G||

    "foreword by Michael Pollan" Nice touch

  • Heroic Mulatto||

    I wholeheartedly believe that being the dumb, evil piece of shit he is, Pollan would contribute an introduction to said book.

  • Bam!||

    "And take that stupid bag off your head."

    "No, it smells like cinnamon!"

  • Gadianton||

    If these guys were really into organics, they'd know better than to put the corpse on the compost heap -- meat attracts pests.


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