The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said Oct. 17 that police used excessive force after firing Tasers at a pregnant woman in Seattle and the victim of domestic abuse in Maui. The ruling may make police departments reexamine their policies for Taser use.

The Los Angeles Times pointed out that the appeals court decision could affect the lawsuit brought by the parents of Allen Kephart in San Bernardino county in the death of their son. Kephart was Tasered at a traffic stop in Arrowhead, Calif., during a traffic stop.

Monday's ruling could influence the outcome of a lawsuit filed by the parents of a San Bernardino man who died in May. Three officers were accused of shocking him repeatedly with stun guns for 10 minutes. Allen Kephart, 43, was stopped by three sheriff's deputies after he honked his horn at them for turning in front of his car, the lawsuit contends.'s coverage of the incident: