Watch Matt Welch Defend Capitalism Tomorrow Morning on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry

That's 10 a.m. ET for a full two hours of democratic socialism, Walmart, school-funding, and so on


Hard to say whose heads will explode most when seeing this…. ||| Emmanuelle Richard
Emmanuelle Richard

Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. ET I will be appearing on MSNBC's panel conversation show Melissa Harris-Perry, to discuss all that capitalism vs. socialism talk at this week's Democratic presidential debate, and how racism and sexism should be factored into all of it. It's safe to predict that my viewpoint on said topics will be in the minority…. I'll be on for the full two hours. If you want to watch people disagree with me on Twitter in real time, check out the hashtag #nerdland.

UPDATE: Maybe I spoke too soon about being outnumbered. Among my fellow capitalism-defending guests will be none other than dreamboat Harvard economist Jeffrey A. Miron!