Shikha Dalmia Faces Off with Charlie LeDuff and David Madland on What's Ailing the American Middle Class on Michael Moynihan's VICE Show

It ain't trade and automation


The middle class has replaced the poor as the latest cause celeb among politicians of all persuasions. Hillary Clinton's campaign is all about the middle class base — as is Scott Walker's, Jeb Bush's, John Kasich's, Rick Santorum's — you name it. And the emeging wisdom among them is that the perennial bugaboos of automation and globalization are doing a number on this backbone of the country.

But is that true? Watch Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia duke it out with Detroit's lovable but certifiable Charlie LeDuff and Center for American Progress' David Madland on VICE's Business of Life, hosted by former Reasoner: the peerless Michael Moynihan: