Government Is the Biggest Threat to Innovation, Say Silicon Valley Insiders


The biggest barrier to innovation in the United States is the government itself—so says a panel of "50 executives, innovators, and thinkers" surveyed by The Atlantic. Specifically, 20 percent of them say that government regulation/bureaucracy is the worst hurdle to creativity, while another 16 percent finger immigration policies as the worst offender.

Barriers to innovation
The Atlantic

Unsurprisingly with this tech-savvy audience, more than three times as many (35 percent) consider Edward Snowden a "hero" as consider him a "traitor" (11 percent). Twenty-four percent pick "neither/it's complicated."

And what's the biggest threat to privacy? While 8 percent of the panel picks government, twice as many put the blame on unconcerned citizens and a complacent culture (14 percent said Facebook and 11 percent tag Google).

See the full survey here.