University of California Now Insists It Will Reimburse for Use of E-Hailing Ride Services


Despite what I blogged yesterday, based on an actual circulating email from the University of California system, they announce today that they will and will continue to reimburse official employee ride expenses with e-hailed ride services such as Uber and Lyft.

Spiros Vathis / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

As Eugene Volokh, who seems to be the first person to have reported the policy and now reports on the turnaround, writes, befuddled, "Why the UC distributed an e-mail to the contrary earlier this week is a mystery to me."

And these services can't rest easy—the new statement does say that "We are, however, reviewing and evaluating issues revolving around the safety and security of our employees when they use such services. We are actively seeking ways to overcome potential liability and safety concerns and would like to work proactively with companies such as these to get everyone to a point of complete comfort with the risks involved." 

It seems that, and rightly so, their employees choosing those services are perfectly comfortable already, as is the state of California's own Public Utilities Commission which has normalized the services within the state's transportation regulatory structure. I blogged a few months back on the lastest in Uber's insurance policy policies.