Come to Reason's 'Thank You for Vaping' Event Tonight at New York's Museum of Sex!


New York City's asinine ban on electronic cigarettes goes into effect tonight at midnight, so Reason is marking the occasion by co-hosting a vape-in at the wonderful Museum of Sex beginning a 9:00 p.m. ET, and continuing through a countdown/vape-off at midnight. From the event write-up:

On April 28, the eve of the ban, we invite you to taunt the prohibitionists: Listen to prominent critics of e-cig regulation, listen to music from a live DJ, and carry on vaping after midnight to flaunt your disregard for the nanny state! 

Join Reason, The Museum of Sex and the Henley Vaporium for a celebration of the important role e-cigarettes can play in reducing harm from smoking and the dangers of NYC's ban on vaping in public places.

Featuring, at 9:30 p.m., Bill Godshall, Director of SmokeFree Pennsylvania, in interview with journalist and Willpower co-author John Tierney (See John's article about e-cigarettes), followed by Talia Eisenberg, co-founder of the Henley Vaporium. 

Guest commentators will also include Reason Magazine Editor in Chief Matt Welch, along with his co-host of "The Independents," Kmele Foster.

There should be plenty of freakers there from the underbelly of Fox as well.

Event is at the club Play, adjacent to the Museum of Sex, at 1 East 27th St., New York, NY 10016 (between 5th Ave. and Madison). For more information, please call 212.495.9597, or email