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British MP Calls For Internet Providers To Block Porn



Labour Member of the British Parliament David Blunkett, who once served as Home Secretary under Tony Blair, has called for Internet providers to block porn. 

Blunkett said, "I think we have a job in this country, in a civilised, free, open democracy, to protect ourselves from the most bestial activities and from dangers that would undermine a civilised nation."

The comments came after the Liberal Democrats rejected a plan put forward by their coalition partners in the Conservative Party which would require Internet users to opt-in to access to porn. 

From the BBC:

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett has called for internet providers to block pornography, warning against a descent into "Sodom and Gomorrah".

Mr Blunkett backed an opt-in system of censorship, saying the Lib Dems had been wrong to reject it at their party conference last week.

Civilised society risked being undermined by "the most bestial activities", he warned.

He was speaking at a Demos fringe meeting at the Labour conference.

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