Anti-Surveillance Activists Target Pelosi at Fundraiser

She's not even safe on her home turf


You'd think that a Democratic fundraiser in the deep blue Marin County enclave of Belvedere would be safe from a protest from fellow liberals. Nah — it's just a shorter walk.

On Saturday afternoon, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Jared Huffman and big dollar donors are going to get an earful about the Obama Administration NSA's surveillance program.

The throwdown will be outside the 2 p.m. fundraiser at the home of Steve Silberstein to benefit the DCCC. Minimum to get in the door: $1,000. Or you can write a big check for up to $32,400.

Pelosi was booed when she appeared at the seemingly friendly confines of the Netroots Nation conference last month in San Jose. The boos started coming when the subject of Edward Snowden was raised.