Zero Tolerance

Students Suspended Over Using Nerf Gun Brought to School for Lesson on Probability

Edmonds, Wash.


don't shoot

Another casualty of zero tolerance, this time in a middle school in Edmonds, Washington. Via the New York Daily News:

Several students at a Washington state elementary school were suspended after shooting guns at school, except the weapons were only harmless Nerf guns and the kids say it was their teacher who permitted them to bring them to class.

Regardless of the weapons being toys, the children violated the school's "zero tolerance" policy on guns of any kind when they were caught shooting off the foam darts Friday before class, administrators said…

A school district spokeswoman told KATU that the decision was strictly based on the children's safety.

"Even if it's a toy, we take it seriously," spokeswoman Amanda Ralston said.

Not the first time a nerf gun caused a freak out.