Police Abuse

Two-Week Suspension for Officer Who Roughed-Up 12-Year-Old

Tough guy


According to an internal affairs report released Monday, Freeman told Tinsley the boy "had to go" to the appointment and Tinsley said he thought the order compelled him to bring the boy to juvenile court.

The report noted that while police have the authority to physically compel a juvenile to comply with arrest warrants and certain other court orders, the order that Huaman's son attend the psychiatric appointment did not fall into any of those categories.

Tinsley told investigators he told the boy he had "two seconds to get off the couch," and when he refused, he grabbed his arm in an attempt to lead him out the front door. The boy, who was wearing only shorts, at first seemed compliant, Tinsley said, but then suddenly began struggling, according to the report.

Tinsley said the boy assaulted him by "kneeing him in the lower abdomen area," and at that point he decided the situation was now a criminal matter of assault on a police officer and he needed to use force to put the boy under arrest.