Second Amendment

Feinstein Claims She 'Felt Patronized' by Cruz's Constitution Lecture

Pot, kettle


Thursday afternoon on CNN, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) discussed the fiery debate with colleague Ted Cruz (R-TX) over gun control legislation that occurred earlier this morning during a Senate committee hearing. Feinstein told Wolf Blitzer she "felt patronized" by the "arrogant" junior senator and had to take some time to cool off afterward.

Asked by Blitzer to explain what happened, Feinstein said, "Well, I just felt patronized. I felt he was somewhat arrogant about it." She elaborated on how her personal experience with gun violence shaped her reaction to Cruz's objections to stricter gun measures and impromptu lesson on the Bill of Rights. "When you come from where I've come from and what you've seen, when you found a dead body and put your finger in bullet holes, you really realize the impact of weapons."