Matt Welch in CNN Opinion: Cut Government Deeper


The first slash is the shallowest. |||

In CNN Opinion today, Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch argues that, if anything, taxpayers worried about either the economy or the nation's long-term fiscal outlook. should fear that the modest sequester trims don't cut government nearly far enough. Sample:

As any ex-jock can tell you, any time you try exercising a muscle that has gone unused for a decade or more, something predictable happens: It barks like hell.

This is what we're seeing in this last pathetic run-up to the forced spending cuts agreed to by Congress and the president in July 2011 […]

No doubt there will be those who find such fear-mongering persuasive. But for the rest of us, it suggests a rather pressing and relevant question: Just what, precisely, did we get from doubling the cost of the federal government between 2000 and 2010?

If the bureaucrats can't produce an explanation for the price increase of government, then they should not expect their budgets to be rubber-stamped by an already suffering public.

Read the whole thing here.