Leaked Troika Documents Demand Greeks Adopt a Six Day Work Week

Well, that will go down well


A leaked email sent to the Greek Ministries of Finance and Labor from the Troika says that Greek private sector workers should work six days a week and longer hours.

According to the letter, the Troika expects the Labor Ministry to implement a number of other new measures, as well, including reducing the notice before firing a worker and cutting certain severance packages by 50 per cent by giving employers the right to reduce workers' time in service. Restrictions on overtime are also expected to come into effect.

The Troika's email was sent on August 31, ahead of meetings between Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and his coalition partners, the PASOK Socialists of  Evangelos Venizelos and the Democratic Left of Fotis Kouvelis, according to the financial newspaper Imerisia,