DOJ Will Not Press Charges over CIA Interrogations

Probe followed deaths of two detainees


The Department of Justice announced on Thursday that it has closed investigations of CIA interrogations of detainees and will not press criminal charges.

The probe followed the death of two detainees while in U.S. custody overseas, and was spearheaded by Assistant U.S. Attorney John Durham of the District of Connecticut.

"I asked Mr. Durham to conduct this review based on existing information as well as new information and matters presented to me that I believed warranted a thorough examination of the detainee treatment issue," Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement. "I am confident that Mr. Durham's thorough reviews and determination that the filing of criminal charges would not be appropriate have satisfied that need. Our inquiry was limited to a determination of whether prosecutable offenses were committed and was not intended to, and does not resolve, broader questions regarding the propriety of the examined conduct."