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Atlas Shrugged Part Two To Start Filming In April


Says the L.A. Times:

Businessman and Rand acolyte John Aglialoro, who financed the production and distribution of the first "Atlas Shrugged" film for $20 million, and producer Harmon Kaslow announced that they have raised the necessary financing for the sequel. They declined to reveal the final budget, but in an earlier interview, Kaslow said they were aiming for a production budget in the $10 million-to-$15 million range.

I gathered from reporting my feature for Reason's May 2011 issue on the making of Atlas Shrugged Part One that they did not lock down the original cast contractually for sequels, so recasting may be necessary. Original director Paul Johansson (who, from my judgment from my experience on set, did a great job with the time, budget, and materials he had to work with) will definitely not be returning for this second part.