Occupy Wall Street

Danny Cline: Occupy Wall Street Thug, Raving Anti-Semite


I'm not saying all psychos have fucked up eyes or all people with fucked up eyes are psychos. I'm just saying it's interesting…

Lotion Man is in the house! 

If you enjoyed Danny Cline, the "Local 1 plumber's…helper" who stole Reason TV's recent report from Occupy Wall Street, you'll love Cline's Jew-bashing rant from earlier this week. 

Here's Cline chasing away a nebbishy college boy and declaring himself "Information Man" at about the 1:55 mark in Reason's video: 

And here's Cline from a recent NRO video, exposing the real power behind Wall Street, the media, the 9/11 attacks and secular circumcision to a hapless interlocutor in a yarmulke: 

Like Krusty the Klown, another self-hating Jew dismayed to find he was actually just an anti-Semite, Cline claims to be a member of the tribe. So it's encouraging to learn that Lotion/Information Man is catholic in his antipathy to both ethnic minorities and capitalism. In this self-promo video, the budding entrepreneur tries out for a Red Bull sponsorship on the strength of his ability to say "nigger nigger nigger nigger" again and again: 

It's inevitable that the dipshit left will rush to point out that Cline is in no way representative of the good jobless layabouts who are turning out in their dozens to occupy America's great and small cities. Right on time, here's Gawker, with its allegedly witty use of strategically placed exclamation points, ridiculing the notion that the Lotion Man is in any way representative of people who have nothing better to do with their weekdays than camp out in parks. 

I actually agree with Gawker. This vaguely effeminate psycho represents only himself. But having listened to three years of palaver about how the Tea Party is composed of nothing but bible-thumping racists who want to strafe Mexican babies, I will not miss this chance to give the response that's been working for me since I was in grade school and the Soviet Union was still in power: Fuck you, commie.