Tim Cavanaugh Talks Obama Middle East Speech on PJTV


Shoot or run over?

Did President Obama's Middle East speech yesterday try to force Israel back into "Auschwitz borders" or just use too many words to reiterate existing policy? 

Is foreign aid a foreign concept to Americans? 

What will the multiplier be on the Egyptian stimulus package, and will that be in dollars or lira? 

Is there anything humbler than deciding how life should be in a country on the other side of the world? 

Would fixing the Sphinx's nose be a shovel-ready project? 

Was anybody still awake at the end of Obama's Middle East stemwinder? 

Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh talks about the new road map for the Middle East. (Actually it's more a GPS address-not-found error for the Middle East, and those can be useful too. New decade, new hope.)

At PJTV's The Bottom Line. You decide who's the bottom: