"Baby Cheyenne" Returned to Parents in New Hampshire


"Baby Cheyenne," the infant taken from her parents at birth by the state of New Hampshire last week, creating a small national furor among the populist right since the father's association with the Oathkeepers (a constitutionalist group of law enforcers misidentified as a "militia" by the state) was mentioned in the documents listing the reasons for taking the baby (among many other charges–the mother's two previous children from a different father are still being kept in foster care away from her and her boyfriend, Cheyenne's father), has been returned to her parents after a hearing by a judge from Rochester Family Division Court.

Past blogging on the matter here and here, including many quotes and links detailing the accusations against the father and deeply insightful comments threads on the propriety of contemptuous laughter as a response to a mother having her baby taken from her at birth. Jesse Walker on whether decent Americans should be scared of Oathkeepers (answer: no) here.