One Good Reason to Keep Income Tax Returns as Totally Freaking Annoying as Possible.


Over at the Wall Street Journal, Reason alum Ryan Sager writes about the connection between ease-of-payment and increased levels of taxation.

If our priority is to experience as little pain from taxes as possible, we could go down the road California is on with its ReadyReturn program, available to people with income only from wages and only one employer. From the 60,000 people who used it to file prefilled returns in the 2008 tax year, it got Saddam Hussein levels of support: 99% said they'd use it again.

If our goal is to hold onto a little more of our money, though, remember: Swearing's been shown to alleviate pain. So, bear down, swear away, and don't get plucked any more than absolutely necessary.

Whole thing, which summarizes research on the matter, here. flashback as April 15 approacheth like a Leviathan waking hungry from a long slumber (if sea monsters do in fact sleep), take a coupla minutes to remember some "tax facts to make your head explode":