This Has Been Another Episode of Political Scandalettes That Don't Matter


OMG was Sen. Max Baucus drunk on the Senate floor before wine o'clock?

Well, let's hope so, and then pour every senator another round. Nothing wrong with a little liquid courage to spice up the World's Greatest Deliberative. True patriots like Joe Namath notwithstanding, this nation has for far too long turned its back on the virtues of public inebriation. Would George W. Bush have been a better president had he kept in touch with this guy? You make the call.

Let's see, what's the other Drudge scandal going on? Ah yes–the president has taken a vacation during vacation season, and even enjoyed a round of golf. THANK CHRIST.

These politician-people are, despite whatever evidence to the contrary, just people. Fixating on their minute-to-minute behavior just encourages them.