InstaVision Talks With Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Who Makes a Lot of Economic Sense


Over at PJTV, Glenn "InstaVision" Reynolds interviews Texas Gov. Rick Perry on why the Lone Star State is doing relatively well compared to other giga-states such as California, which is in full-on breakdown mode. The secret, says Perry, is low taxes, predictable and minimal business reg climate, keeping spending low, and the like. About the best-kept secret: Texas's legislature meets for only 140 days every other year.

As a former resident of both California and Texas, I can attest to the many differences in the states (especially the weather). I don't think Texas is any sort of paradise, but when you stack the place up compared to virtually every other state in the U.S., it's got a helluva lot going for it.

Watch the interview below. It's about 15 minutes long and while Perry is pure politician (and I mean that in a bad way!), he makes pretty damn good economic sense (while being awful on any number of other issues, such as border enforcement, social freedoms, the drug war, and more).