Reason a Four-Time Finalist for Western Publications Association "Maggie" Awards


I'm happy to announce that Reason has been named a four-time finalist in the Western Publications Association's "Maggie" awards for outstanding journalism in a magazine. The nominees are:

* Best magazine, in the "politics and social issues" category, for our October 2008 issue. Other finalists include Mother Jones, Sierra, and Ode. We won this category in 2005, and are serial nominees.

* Best news article, for Senior Editor Radley Balko's "Guilty Until Proven Innocent."

* Best single editorial illustration, for Terry Colon's "What Part of Legal Immigration Don't You Understand?" Based on research by Michael Flynn and Shikha Dalmia.

* Best Web article, for Contributing Editors Julian Sanchez's and David Weigel's "Who Wrote Ron Paul's Newsletters?"

Winners will be announced April 24. Full list of nominees here. And you can get all this journalism delivered straight to your mailbox for just $19.97 a year.