"I'm not saying I'm depending on Maxim to keep me alive over there, but it helps"


Does Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) hate our troops? If not, then why is he trying to ban morale-boosting men's magazines from U.S. military bases? From Stars & Stripes:

A Department of Defense committee that reviews materials sold on bases ruled last year that magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse are not pornographic. But Broun's Military Honor and Decency Act includes language that could make those magazines eligible for the ban.


"They're making it a point of undermining soldiers to almost make them feel like we're back in elementary school," Pfc. Nickolas Sears said Friday at Camp Red Cloud, South Korea. "We're all adults here, and if it's something we want to do, we should feel free to choose as we please."

(Link via The Weekly Standard)

UPDATE: Senior Editor Radley Balko already targeted his sights on Broun's bill.