A Message to You, Rudy


The same day it was reported that the five families of the New York mafia came within a single vote of putting a hit out on Rudolph Giuliani in 1987, this item appeared in The New York Times:

Mr. Giuliani has declared he will be rooting for the dreaded Boston Red Sox against the Colorado Rockies in the World Series, which began last night. From the Bronx to his childhood haunts in Brooklyn, there was a baffled anger bordering on rage.

"They should burn his seat that he sat in at Yankee Stadium—how's that?" said George Patsin, a Brooklyn restaurateur. "They should burn it on TV so I can watch."

Rudy Giuliani: Everyone wants to send him a message. Why, you could almost say… I mean, it brings to mind… it raises… screw the setup, I'm just gonna roll the film: