"Come as you are"


David Cassel of the invaluable 10 Zen Monkeys points to a strong market reaction to web dating service eHarmony's straights-only policy: has been attacking eHarmony's policy directly, in a new multi-million dollar ad campaign which shows people describing their experiences of rejection from eHarmony. It reports that over 1 million people have been rejected by, then touts their own slogan—"Come as you are."

eHarmony is currently facing a legal challenge to its policy, but Cassel writes, "Should eHarmony be forced to offer online match-making to gays and lesbians if they don't want to? It looks like the market is already sorting that out—with some fierce and funny attacks on eHarmony's position!" 

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The commercials are at YouTube:

This follows the formation of, which specifically catered to groups left out of eHarmony's lovefest. Katherine Mangu-Ward discussed the implications here.