Here's One Cuban Worth Celebrating (Real Winners Do Use Drugs Edition)


Via AOL comes news that Mark Cuban, bazillionaire owner of the NBA Mavericks, gives a high-five to performance-enhancing drugs in pro sports in an imminent issue of Men's Health:

If it's not bad for your health and it'll enhance your performance, why should you not be allowed to take it?

It makes the game more interesting. It just makes sense. But it doesn't make sense in the context of the current controversies over drugs in sports.

More here.

That's something to think about as supercharged Barry Bonds approaches Hammerin' Hank Aaron's home run record in baseball–and Cuban's own heavily favored Mavs deal with the fact they sucked ass in the playoffs this year.

A couple of years back, I noted, with reference to baseballer Rafael Palmeiro, that it's a thin line between steroids and Viagra.

And Aaron Steinberg defended steroid use in Reason here.

And Matt Welch stood up for Barry Bonds here.